Who Would Win the Fight Between a Bull Market and a Bear Market Today?

Most economists know forecasting the timing of a recession is a fool’s errand. I knew this in 2017 when I told clients I expected the stock market to climb higher until our next recession which may occur in the first quarter of 2020. Would I end up feeling foolish if my assertions did not hold true? Of course not. A lot can change in three years…

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NWP Monthly Digest | September 2019

t’s September already. Here at the Noble Wealth Partners Global Headquarters, we’ve feverishly examined every calendar we can get our hands on because it seems so crazy to us, too. But alas, it’s true. So let’s get started before fall comes knocking…

Charlatan | char·la·tan | noun

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Noble Wealth Partners
Finally - an Easy Way to Find out If Your Financial Advisor Is Acting in Your Best Interest

For years, I have unsuccessfully attempted to explain to clients the difference between a fiduciary and a typical advisor. A fiduciary must always act in your best interest and is legally bound to do so. On June 5, the Securities and Exchange Commission passed a set of regulations to improve the transparency behind what advisors are…

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Winter is Here

After a long hiatus, the final season of the HBO series, Game of Thrones airs tonight!  The exuberance of those waiting for the final season now resembles the excitement of stock market investors digesting the prospect of the Fed cutting interest rates.  There are a lot of moving parts and important characters to follow in this final season. 

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Did Your Advisor Put a Debt-Bomb in Your Portfolio?

In late 2016, I joined a financial advisory practice located inside a high-rise building in the heart of the Denver Tech Center. Within my first few months I found out the top clients of the practice had allocated an imprudent amount of their wealth to different BDC (Business Development Companies) vehicles. These vehicles were born from yield-

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The 8th Wonder of the World

It’s been said to have been called “The 8th Wonder of the World” by Albert Einstein. When asked what the greatest invention in human history was, Einstein supposedly said “Compound Interest” and that it was the “most powerful force in the universe”. To paraphrase part of this infamous (if unverified) quote by Einstein, “He who understands it, earns it, he who doesn’t, pays it.”

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Jeff Brainard, CFP®, CFS