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Firm Overview

Noble Wealth Partners is an independent, fee-only, boutique wealth management firm created to provide our clients with a new approach to a financial advisory relationship. We specialize in serving those from Generation X, Generation Y (i.e. millennials), and their families. Noble Wealth Partners takes pride in our tailored financial plans, wealth strategies, and investment solutions based on each client’s financial needs and values. When working with our firm, you are not just another number. Our personalized service and care will reverberate our philosophy and we would welcome the opportunity to partner with you.

We always act as fiduciaries.  This means we hold ourselves to the highest levels of integrity, accountability, and our client’s interests always come before those of the firm.  100% of our compensation is derived from our fee to clients and not the products we recommend. We are privileged to work with the families who come to us for wealth planning and are passionate about making their lifelong dreams come true.

Our Mission

Our aim is to guide our clients, through education, counseling, and prudent management, so we can help them accomplish their financial dreams by utilizing an array of financial solutions and investment strategies tailored to their needs.  

Our Values

Noble Wealth Partners is built around honesty, expertise, transparency, compassion, fairness, trust, and a long-lasting partnership with our clients to deliver financial advice with a fiduciary standard of care.

Our Ethics

"Loyalty, Prudence, and Care, stresses that covered persons not only act for the benefit of their clients but also to place their clients' interests before their firm's and their own" - Standard III(A) of the CFA Code of Ethics

"When it comes to ethics and professional responsibility, CFP® professionals are held to the highest of standards" - CFP Board's Code of Ethics

Our firm would not exist if it were not for our clients and their trust.  Noble Wealth Partners recognizes that ethics are paramount for financial advisors and the industry in which we practice.  A strict code of ethics is key to ensure clients are treated with the utmost respect they deserve.  Our advisors abide by the CFA Code of Conduct and the CFP® Code of Ethics so our clients can be confident that their interests will always come first and our team will be a proponent of their needs. 

You are welcome to learn more about the CFA Code of Ethics and the CFP® Code of Ethics.  


Let's build a partnership to pursue your dreams.

Your Financial Partners


Jeff Brainard, CFP®, CFS

Managing Partner & Individual Wealth Strategist

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Jeff is a native of the Denver area and has been married to his wife, Christa, for 18 years.  They have three beautiful children, two boys and a girl, who spend the majority of their days keeping themselves (and their parents) quite busy and constantly on the move with sports and dance.

Jeff has an extensive background in financial services and has had the privilege to work for some of the top investment firms over his 20-year career.  Jeff obtained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification (CFP®) in 2010, and is a graduate of the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Accounting.

Since 2009, Jeff has volunteered as a coach in the South Jeffco Sports Association.


Grant Glenn, CFA, CFP®

Managing Partner & Individual Wealth Strategist


Grant grew up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and is a graduate of Colorado State University's College of Business with a degree in Finance.  In college, he was a member of the CSU Club Tennis Team and the Head Coach of the CSU Snowboard Team.  

Grant has gained valuable experience from his roles at some of the largest financial firms in the world.  He has earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, and he is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (CFP®).  Grant is a member of the Colorado State University Investment Advisory Committee (term ends in 2024), and an active member of the CFA Society of Colorado.  

When Grant is not in the office, he enjoys competitive tennis, while occasionally golfing and snowboarding. 


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Our Story

To understand why Jeff and Grant merged their practices to form Noble Wealth Partners, it is important to know why Jeff and Grant started their own companies prior to merging.

Jeff originally started Columbine Wealth Planning to provide fiduciary financial advice to young professionals, young families, and the quietly wealthy members of Generations X & Y.  An almost 20-year career in the investment management industry provided Jeff the motivation to create an independent firm that could serve clients without minimum investment thresholds or the need to push expensive insurance and investment products on clients that they didn't need.

After managing the investments at two prior firms, Grant found his passion for helping professionals and families with their financial goals.  After experiencing bottlenecks that would hinder his ability to do what he thought was best for clients, Grant launched Noble Wealth Alliance.

Jeff and Grant both had a vision of providing world class financial planning services and professional money management to their clients through a tailored approach to their needs.  They both felt strongly that their services should not be impacted by the interests of their broker dealer or other conflicts of interest that may occur through commissions and insurance products.  The launch of Noble Wealth Partners, a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), allows their clients to benefit from a firm that is the right size to accomplish their mission of making sure each client has the resources they need to pursue financial success.  

Noble Wealth Partners (“NWP”) is a registered investment adviser offering advisory services in the State of Colorado and in other jurisdictions where exempted.  Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training. The presence of this website on the Internet shall not be directly or indirectly interpreted as a solicitation of investment advisory services to persons of another jurisdiction unless otherwise permitted by statute. Follow-up or individualized responses to consumers in a particular state by NWP in the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation shall not be made without our first complying with jurisdiction requirements or pursuant an applicable state exemption.[1] 

All written content on this site is for information purposes only. Opinions expressed herein are solely those of NWP, unless otherwise specifically cited.  Material presented is believed to be from reliable sources and no representations are made by our firm as to another parties’ informational accuracy or completeness.  All information or ideas provided should be discussed in detail with an advisor, accountant or legal counsel prior to implementation.

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How Does it Work?

Let's Get Organized!

The Path to Success


Our first meeting revolves a discussion about what money means to you, where you want your life to go, and how much much you think will be enough to get you there?  To ensure that we are providing constructive advice, we like to understand the values of our clients and what is most important to them.  From there, we can help you gather all of your financial data and information in one place. You can't move forward if you don't know where you are starting from.

Plan Delivery & Life Goals


After analyzing the data, we can then move forward with our recommendations.  Here, we explain what is working, and what may need to change to give you the best chance of financial success.  We will provide you with alternatives to our recommendations and partner with you to help you feel comfortable with the path ahead.  Noble Wealth Partners will then implement what we have agreed upon and provide feedback along the way. 

Ongoing Guidance and Service

Personalized Financial Service Calendar

After our financial partnership is forged, you can expect proactive communication, and complete transparency from our firm.  Each client will receive a customized financial plan and investment portfolio that is appropriate for their goals.  Each client will also receive a customized service calendar detailing the ongoing relationship and the types of service they will receive.  

  • Regular review meetings

  • Check-in calls

  • Online account access

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Annual comprehensive financial planning review

  • Ongoing electronic touchpoints

  • Investment updates

  • Educational events

  • Concierge services on an as-needed basis

  • 48-hour response time guarantee for your questions


With Noble Wealth Partners, it is important that you know you can talk with us as much as you desire.  For this reason, we make it a seamless process to schedule a review or a conversation.  Click on the link below to give it a try!

Our Services

Comprehensive Wealth Management

A good, simplified financial plan can really help guide your decision making when it comes to managing your money and investment decisions.  Financial plans are not static or permanent documents, but rather a process that ebbs and flows with the changes in your life.

Working with a professional financial planner and advisor to help guide you during these changes is equally important.   Noble Wealth Partners offers financial planning for an annual retainer fee, billed monthly similar to a gym membership, as well as investment management services.

*Noble Wealth Partners does not sell insurance products. We do provide advice on insurance as part of a wholistic financial plan. Legal and tax advice is merely guidance as it relates to your plan. Please consult with your legal and tax professionals to have legal documents drafted and taxes filed.

*Noble Wealth Partners does not sell insurance products. We do provide advice on insurance as part of a wholistic financial plan. Legal and tax advice is merely guidance as it relates to your plan. Please consult with your legal and tax professionals to have legal documents drafted and taxes filed.


Financial Planning

Noble Wealth Partners is pleased to act as your personal CFO and we seek to partner with you with our sights aimed on financial success.  This entails a breadth of services extending beyond investing your assets and instead incorporates all relevant aspects of the financial planning process.

Retirement Planning

To help our clients plan for retirement, we offer advice regarding their employer’s benefits or available options for those who are self-employed.  Choosing the appropriate retirement vehicles can help you save effectively for retirement while striving to minimize taxes.  Prior to retirement, these assets may comprise the bulk of your wealth.  At Noble Wealth Partners, we recognize how important it is to have a effective investment plan within your retirement accounts.  We provide advice on how to implement personalized investment strategies within all retirement accounts, even when the assets are not managed by us.

Investment Management

Wealth management expands beyond traditional investing and we focus on what matters most to our clients.  At Noble Wealth Partners, we offer an array of solutions when it comes to asset management.  We specialize in helping our clients invest and manage their assets over multiple generations.  For more information please see our “Investment Principles” page.

Investment Principles »

Education Planning

Education costs have been increasing and student loans outstanding have ballooned in recent years.  Therefore, planning for education is crucial.  We provide counsel to help our clients save for education while attempting to minimize taxes.

Your Legacy

The legal and tax environment is constantly evolving so smart advice is critical.  We aid business owners, executives, and their families in the area of wealth transfer.  Our goal is to help our clients provide a legacy for their loved ones. 

Risk Mitigation

Protecting against unforeseen risks is necessary as these risks often have the potential to eradicate financial plans and your savings.  We will review your insurance coverage to ensure it is adequate.  In addition, you will receive advice on any additional coverage that may be necessary. 



Another core principle of our firm is transparency.  Hence the reason our fee structure is proudly displayed on this page.  At Noble Wealth Partners, we have created a fee structure to align interests between our clients and the firm.  It is imperative that our clients have a vivid understanding of how this fee structure incentivizes our firm to partner with you.

Asset-Based Pricing

Our business is built around this pricing model.  The fee is based on a percentage of the portfolio value you have directly invested with Noble Wealth Partners.  This straightforward pricing is easy to understand, and it aligns our interests with the interests of our clients.   We will engage in financial planning, manage your investment portfolios, and act as your personal CFO for this fee.   By using this open architecture platform, we can build your portfolio with the investments we feel are most suitable for your needs.  See the chart below for more information on the fees assessed on various portfolio balances. 




Solutions for Financial Advisors

For information on how we help financial advisors with their investment process, click on the link below.

Investment Principles

"Economic agents are human, and that economic models have to incorporate that." - Richard Thaler (recipient of the 2017 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics)

At Noble Wealth Partners, our approach is centered on key pillars we feel are necessary to pursue our clients’ needs.   These pillars include: utilizing time-tested principles, managing downside risk, creating a systemitized process, and tailoring a portfolio toward your goals and objectives.  Our clients are unique, with different backgrounds, income, tax situations, and investment objectives.   Treating clients as individuals is a core belief of our firm and it shapes our rationale to manage custom portfolios instead of placing clients in a one-size-fits-all solution.  This enables us to focus on your goals, instead of tracking arbitrary benchmarks that may be irrelevant to your financial needs.  We keep you focused on long-term results during periods of market turmoil, so you can pursue your lifelong dreams.


Please click on the link below for details about our investment approach.

Our Investing and Financial Planning Insights

For more insights, click on the link below to see our resources page.  


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